Library Staff

Lillian Njanjo Thuita


Alex Maina Thuku

Assistant Librarian

Welcome to Mathenge TTI library. The library is a state of the art learning and research facility in which you are welcome to explore the rich information resources available. Our goal is to become a nationally and regionally leading library by providing high quality information resources to meet research and scholar needs for the Mathenge TTI community. The Library staff here are dedicated to ensuring that your information needs are met within the shortest time possible.  Our library is rich with both printed and online resources, E book & E past papers.


To become a nationally and regionally leading library by providing high-quality information resources to meet research and scholarly needs as well as support the academic needs of both the students and staff of the institution.


The library is entitled to support the academic curriculum of the institute by:
  1. Create hospitable physical and virtual environments for teaching, learning and research.
  2. Teach patrons to locate, evaluate and use information successfully.
  3. Provide the knowledge and technology resources to enhance learning.


 The library is committed to accomplish various objectives/goals that include:
  1. Provide current library materials that support the academic curriculum.
  2. Provide a conducive environment for study and research.
  3. Educate and assist library users (students and staff) in identification and effective use of information materials.
  4. Continue to strengthen and update all collections to meet the needs of the information user.