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Mrs. Njenga

Guidance and counseling is a service that every person requires. It has been provided throughout the history of the human race to people of different cultures and in different circumstances. For example, in African traditional communities, young people have grandparents, uncles, aunties and other relatives who are charged with the responsibility of educating, guiding and counseling them. Traditional African communities encourage responsible living and there is collective responsibility among the parents to ensure that none of their children go astray.

The Guidance and Counseling provided in traditional African communities is collective and communal. Today, however, few adults feel responsible for children other than their own and there are increasingly fewer positive role models in society that young people can emulate. Guidance and Counseling is increasingly becoming a needed service in schools, homes, churches and communities.

The Government of Kenya recognizes Guidance and counseling as a very important service for learners at all levels. The Ministry of Education has been mandated by the Government of Kenya to ensure that Guidance and Counseling services are established and sustained in learning Institutions. It recognizes that Guidance and Counseling is important in the development of a whole person in body, mind and soul. Students who are continuously guided grow up as well adjusted individuals who are self directing, responsible and forward looking.

The department follows a comprehensive guidance and counseling program which caters for all needs of the students and staff. It focuses on:

    • Education guidance
    • Career guidance
    • Health guidance
    • Social guidance
    • Civic guidance
    • Ethical and moral guidance
    • Spiritual and pastoral guidance
    • Counseling on issues of personal concern.

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